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Mayo has many excellent walks, listed are walks which are closest to Ireland's lake district

Ballinrobe heritage trail

2 image A lot of work has been done in Ballinrobe lately, not least the development of a wonderful new walk, Ballinrobe Heritage Trail.  Included in this trail is a beautiful walk along the river, known locally as 'The Bowers Walk'.  Here is a link to a wonderful site about Historical Ballinrobe which includes information about the trail - www.historicalballinrobe.com/page_id__60_path__0p2p.aspx  The trail has also been added to the international EveryTrail site which is accessible by a worldwide audience. The new technology allows you to download the information on the town to your smart phone for easy access during, or prior to your visit to Ballinrobe.....www.everytrail.com/guide/ballinrobe-co-mayo-town-heritage-walk

The neale heritage walk

2 imageWalk Overview:  The Neale, situated between Cong, Cross & Ballinrobe in South Mayo is a beautiful picturesque village with an abundance of heritage. Located between two of Ireland’s largest lakes, Lough Corrib and Lough Mask, there is  much to see and do.
The Neale Walk at a Glance
Loop : The Neale Loop walk
Start/Trailhead:St John the Baptist Church & Calvary
Distance / Difficulty 3km /EasyTerrain:Village Footpath & Country Lanes
Minimum Gear: Walking Shoes, Raingear.Click here to Download a Brochure - The Neale Heritage Walk

cong, lough corrib loop walk

2 image Location (Ard na Gaoithe Car Park)
The start of the Lough Corrib Walk is located 3.5 km south of Cong village on a 3rd class road off Cong/Corr na Mona road.
Directions:From Ballinrobe town take R334 to the Neale village. From here, take R345 to Cong Village. Outside Cong there is a Y junction. Take the left road towards Corr na Mona for approximately 3km. Turn left off this road and you will see signage for Ardnageeha.
Walk at a Glance
Trail Name:Lough Corrib Loop Walk
Trailhead:Ard na Gaoithe Car Park
Length:3.4 kms
Estimated Time:1.75 hrs
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Terrain:Forest Paths
Minimum Gear:Walking Shoes & Raingear
Map Reference:OS Discovery Series Sheet 38
Trail Description
Starting at the car park, walk along the elevated path overlooking Lough Corrib. Continue along the forest road until you meet a junction. Turn left after approx 600m. This path will take you through mixed woodland for approx 750m. At this point, you meet a junction near the car park. Cross the road and continue for approx 500m. At this point, turn right off the gravel road and continue uphill along an old forest track through young forest crops. From a vantage point at the top of the hill, you can view Lough Corrib and its many small islands. The backdrop will comprise of a panoramic view of the Mamturk mountains in the distance. Descending the hill along the grassy path for approx 600m, turn left through an opening in the wood which takes you onto the forest road. Turn left along the road and back to the car park.  Click here to download a map.

cong forest nature trail

2 imageLocation The trailhead start is located at the Church Car Park in Cong Village.
Directions: From Ballinrobe town take R334 to the Neale village. From here, take the R345 to arrive at Cong Village.
Walk at a Glance
Trail Name:Cong Nature Trail
Trailhead:Church Car Park
Length:3.8 kms
Estimated Time:3 hrs
Degree of Difficulty:Easy
Terrain:Forest Paths
Minimum Gear:Walking Shoes & Raingear
Map Reference:OS Discovery Series Sheet 38
Trail Description
Starting at the car park, enter site at Cong Abbey grounds opposite the gate lodge, and continue through the yew grove. Cross the Cong River into the forest. Turn left along path for approx 200m. Turn right and follow the nature trail markers. At the finger sign for “teach aille”, turn right and down into the cave site. There are steps beside the cave that you can follow to higher ground above the cave. Continue along the designated trail until you reach a junction. At this point, turn left under a viaduct (Cong / Cornamona road). Proceed along the forest road until you meet an old disused house on your left.Turn right here which brings you to Pigeon Hole cave. Proceed along the dirt track which leads back to Cong. This will take you under a small viaduct and along the banks of the Cong river and back to the Abbey Bridge where you first entered the forest. You have now arrived back at Cong Abbey and the car park. Click here to download the map - Cong Walk

tourmakedy forest trail

2 imageDirections: In the village of Partry turn off the N84 where it is signposted for Tourmakeady. Follow the signs through a series of minor roads for approx 10 km to reach the forest entrance.
Nature Walk at a Glance
Trail Name:Tourmakeady Nature Walk
Trailhead / Start Point:Car Park
Distance:2.5 km
Estimated Time:Approximately 1 hour
Degree of Difficulty:Moderate
Minimum Gear:Walking Shoes & Water Resistant Clothing
Trail Way marking:WhiteTrail
Description: The trail takes the walker along the Glensaul River . At the furthest end of the trail there is a delightful waterfall which is the main focal point. The trail then heads back to reach the highest point, from here the walker will experience excellent views of the millennium forest. The species of trees which can be seen include Sitka spruce, birch, ash and holly. At this point the trail is a path through the wood. Further on it reverts to a forest road and returns to the car park.
Lake Walk at a Glance
Trail Name:Tourmakeady Nature Walk
Trailhead / Start Point:Car Park
Distance:1.5 km
Estimated Time:Approximately 30 minutes
Degree of Difficulty:Easy
Minimum Gear: Walking Shoes & Water Resistant Clothing
Trail Way marking:RedTrail
Description: The Lake Walk includes a section of the Nature Trail, the trail also continues around the man made lake which is well stocked with brown trout. The walker will rejoin the nature trail before returning to the car part. Click here to download a map- Tourmakeady Forest Trail

moorehall forest walk

2 imageLocation: Moore Hall is located on the shores of Lough Carra near Ballinrobe.
Directions: Moore Hall is situated 11km north of Ballinrobe on a road that takes you to Ballygarris cross. Turn left at this point and you will eventually arrive at Carnacon village. After crossing Annies bridge, take the next left turn at Lough Carra lake. This will take you to the trailhead / start point.
Walk at a Glance
Trail Name: Moore Hall Walk
Trailhead:Car Park
Length:3 kms
Estimated Time:1.5 hours
Degree of Difficulty: Easy
Terrain:Forest Paths
Minimum Gear:Walking Shoes & Raingear
Map Reference:OS Discovery Series Sheet 38
Trail Description
Starting from the car park, walk past the yellow and black barrier which takes you into the forest. On your left, there is a mixed plantation of conifer and broadleaf species e.g. Ash, Beech, Norway Spruce, Scots Pine. On your right, the species are mainly Norway Spruce and Larch. Continue over the hill and pass the old coach house. This is a preservation site for the Lesser horseshoe bat, which is under threat and, therefore, should not be disturbed. Continue along the forest road for approx 1km.Turn right at this point for .5km. At the next junction, turn right. This will take you to Moorehall House, now in ruins. Before leaving the house, visit the old walled garden which is nearby.On your way back to the car park, use the narrow path which takes you through the picnic site. If time allows, why not visit the burial site of the Moore family at Kiltoom. On leaving the car park to your right, follow the public road for approx 30metres, you will see a sign for Kiltoom to your left. Walk through the beech wood path until you arrive at the grave.
Points of Interest
Lough Carra has a very distinctive green colour which is attributed to its marl bottom that reflects in the sunshine. The lakeshore is rich in native flora and wildlife. Many species of wild duck are present, as well as swans and coots. Lough Carra, one of the three great lakes in the west of Ireland, is drained into nearby Lough Mask by means of a small river, known as the Keel River. The network of forest roads provides a very pleasant walk (Moore Hall Walk), the focal point of which is the ruins of Moore Hall House. Moore Hall House was built by George Moore in 1792 and completed in 1796. George amassed a considerable fortune in Alicante, Spain, as a wine merchant and builder. He also owned a fleet of ships. He died in 1799 and is buried near Stride Co Mayo. Moore Hall was burned in 1922. Click here to download a map - Moore Hall Forest Trail


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